Strengthening Your Faith

From the beginning of our Christian journey, and throughout our spiritual development, we strive to increase our faith. Growing in faith is the key to living a victorious life in Christ. It is our witness to the world of the Lord God’s power, grace, and love operating in our life. This 5-day devotional will help […]

Essential Qualities of Kingdom Leaders

The corporate world seeks leadership qualities such as influence, innovation, vision, and resilience. These traits are key components of leadership. As Kingdom leaders, there is a standard—essential qualities—we must have which transcends the expectations of the world. This devotional focuses on four of the many virtues every Kingdom leader should possess. Day 1 1 Peter […]

The Process of Deliverance

Encompassed within the definition of the Greek word for salvation (sōtēria) is healing and deliverance. To be delivered means to be rescued, set free, or loosed from something, or someone. Jesus came to set us free from all of the power of the enemy. In this five-day study we will discover five essential steps to […]

Leading Through Transition

Every leader experiences a season of transition. It may entail expansion, downsizing, purchasing, building, restructuring, etc. Regardless of the purpose, the process is critical to success. This study will equip us to lead effectively through our season of change. Day 1 Luke 4 Matthew 14:23 PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE PROCESS “And when the devil had […]

Holiness: Living Distinctively

The word holiness comes from a root word that means to be different. The Lord God demands those who carry His Name to manifest His character and to reflect His love. The “look” of holiness, sanctification, has been defined in various ways over the centuries. This five-day devotional will teach us what God means when […]

Keeping Your Faith in Difficult Times

As Christians, we are subject to the difficulties and trials of life in a sinful and dark world. Encompassed by financial, health, relational and other challenges in life may cause you to question or even waiver in your faith. I pray this 3-day plan will offer hope and guide you in how to keep your […]

The Power of God’s Love

God’s love is mightier than any other power known to man. It transforms the hearts of men without physical force. This 3-day devotional will help us to discover how the power of God’s love has penetrated our hearts, identifies us with Christ, governs us, and strengthens us to do the will of God. Day 1 […]

Overcoming the Lies of the Enemy

The enemy attacks us with lies to degrade and discourage us. He attempts to bring us to a place of despair and tells us God has forsaken and abandoned us in that place. The enemy seeks to steal our joy, to rob us of our kingdom inheritance, and to make our life as empty and […]

Winning Over Worry

In addition to the challenges we face in our everyday lives, we are bombarded and overwhelmed daily with an influx of negativity and distressing information through technology and the internet. As a result, many are experiencing anxiety, depression, and fear. This 3-day devotional will help us to learn to rechannel our negative emotions and to […]

Freedom From Fear

We are living in challenging times. Civil unrest, a pandemic, economical collapse, and catastrophic natural disasters are a threat to us all. Fear is gripping the hearts of many and causing devastating effects such as chronic anxiety, depression, and suicide. This 3-day devotional will help us to redirect our focus and to place our hope […]