The image below is an example. Some things may vary depending on your course.

  1. Select the avatar icon in the top right corner to view the course menu.
  2. View course progress and navigate between lessons.
  3. Minimize or expand the left-hand navigation menu by selecting the “<” or “>” symbol.
  4. Use the navigation menu to view or navigate between different modules and lessons in the course.
  5. A lesson and materials tab will be visible on the screen if additional course materials are available.
  1. If the course video is on the screen, you can use the video toolbar to turn on closed-captioning, go full screen, or adjust volume.
  2. Select the Take Notes button to type notes on the screen as you view or read course content. All notes will be available under “Course Info” on the My Account page. We recommend downloading and saving your notes to your own system as a backup.
  3. If additional lesson topics, such as quizzes, are available for you to complete, they will be listed in the
    Lesson Content box.
  4. Navigate between lessons using the previous and next lesson buttons.