Overcoming Challenges

Facing difficulties and trying times is reality, but the way we respond to them determines the outcome. This three-day devotional is designed to help us change our perspective, so that we may overcome the challenges in our lives.

Day 1

  • Romans 8:28

Everything That Happens in Your Life Makes You Better

You have the power to overcome every situation you encounter, and the way you view your experiences will determine the outcome.  Repurpose your experiences from being setbacks to becoming setups. Seek the “Divine Moment” in every challenge you encounter. It’s working for your good!

QUESTION: What is happening in your life right now that seems negative, but can work to your advantage?

Day 2

  • James 1

Challenges Promote Growth

Challenges are excellent learning opportunities. They can force you to think in new ways. Challenges require learning new information or skills. You become more resilient when you work to overcome a challenge.

You can learn more from your failure than from your success. When you fail, you are forced to find a new approach, and your creativity is enhanced.

REFLECTION: How do I need to think about challenges, setbacks, and failures in order to benefit from them?

Day 3

  • Luke 6

Challenging People Are a Blessing

There are many broken and hurting people in the world. Everyone you encounter will not be positive or pleasant. However, you can learn and grow from every interaction you have. Demonstrate God’s love by responding to difficult and challenging people lovingly. Your responses to the unkind and unloving will transform them. It may also transform those who are observing you. Take whatever life throws at you, and chose to let it fuel your positivity. 

DECLARATION: Everyone I meet today will make me better. 

PRAYER:  Heavenly Father, please give me the ability to see the good in everyone, and respond to them with your compassion and love.

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