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Dr. Stephanie Stratford


Dr. Stephanie Stratford is the Presiding Bishop and Lead Pastor of Ekklesia International, headquartered in Brentwood, MD, USA. Ekklesia International is a global network of churches that provides apostolic oversight, biblical leadership training, and ministry support for pastors and future Kingdom leaders in the United States, Nigeria, Liberia, South Africa, Uganda, Belize, and Kenya

1-TO-1 Coaching

Dr. Stratford is accepting appointments for Ministry Leadership, Church Transition, Spiritual Formation,  and Faith Development


Rivers in the Desert

Rivers in the Desert is a 40-day journey of meditations from the Book of Isaiah's message of hope and God's promises to His people of restoration and Messianic redemption. The Scripture quotes reveal God's character and function in the world and His love for His people. Dr. Stephanie Stratford's reflections are informative and thought-provoking, and her prayers are uplifting and inspirational. Rivers in the Desert is transforming, and it will strengthen and elevate your faith by increasing awareness of God's love and promises to His people.

Developing Healthy Self-Love: A 30-Day Journey

Many people become uncomfortable when we speak of self-love. To some, the term bears the connotation of being prideful and having a sense of self-importance. This concept is unhealthy and self-defeating. On the contrary, self-love shows appreciation for ourselves through acts of kindness and compassion which promote our sense of well-being and confidence. Therefore, during this 30-day journey, we will work daily toward developing healthy self-love.

God Speaks to Women: Lessons to the Millennial Generation

As women, we face a myriad of physiological changes as pre-teens, the uncertainty of young adulthood, dating, marriage, sex, childbirth, childrearing, abuse, and gender discrimination, all of which comprise a jungle through which we must find our way. God Speaks to Women offers biblical insights and practical principles for women of the Millennial generation to navigate through life, as seen through the lens of a mature woman.

Living A Spirit-Filled Life: Study Guide and Workbook

Living a Spirit-Filled Life is a study guide and workbook designed to lead and inspire you to develop a deeper love and understanding of the Holy Spirit and how He operates in the life of the believer in Christ. The scripture references are by no means intended to be exhaustive, but rather to provide you with a pathway to deeper research and new discoveries of the truth in God's Word concerning His Holy Spirit. The workbook may be used as a study guide, Bible study, or daily devotional reading.


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