Dr. Stephanie Stratford

Dr. Stephanie Stratford

Bishop Stephanie Stratford was consecrated into the Episcopacy of the Lord’s Church in April 2018. She is the Presiding Bishop and Lead Pastor of Ekklesia International, headquartered in Brentwood, MD, USA. Ekklesia International is a global network of churches that provides apostolic oversight, biblical leadership training, and ministry support for pastors and future Kingdom leaders in the United States, Nigeria, Liberia, South Africa, Uganda, Belize, and Kenya.

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As women, we face a myriad of physiological changes as pre-teens, the uncertainty of young adulthood, dating, marriage, sex, childbirth, childrearing, abuse, and gender discrimination, all of which comprise a jungle through which we must find our way. God Speaks to Women offers biblical insights and practical principles for women of the Millennial generation to navigate through life, as seen through the lens of a mature woman.